Dash Cam Philippines or Dash Cam PH our official registered business name with Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) with the registration number TRN 6765893 in April 2015.

Who is Dash Cam Philippines?

The founder and the co-founders of Dash Cam PH are dash cam enthusiast and we love everything about dash cams. We had used and tried so many brands of dash cam for the past years before we decided to start Dash Cam PH by working with Pittasoft Co. Ltd the maker of BlackVue products as sole dealer and authorized installer in the Philippines. Slowly in late October, we added a new brand Thinkware.

Dash Cam PH hold strong to our motto “ensure the security and safety while on the road” for millions of Philippines Drivers  by offering reliable drive recorder systems using state of the art black box technology along with every team member dedicated to assisting customers with expert advice and genuine service throughout the Philippines Archipelago.

Numerous clients and entities asking us why we are doing high-end brand and not those other low or mid-range. The answer is simple, like an old saying “if the products does not pass your requirement, don’t ever think it will pass your clients’ requirement”.

To uphold our strategy “Ensure the customer satisfaction by providing the best equipment at the most affordable prices possible, along with the best service", we never stop searching for others brands that suitable to meet Philippines Consumer demand on mid –range dash cam with superior quality plus features and we are proudly announce we are working together with VicoVation, the maker of VicoVation dashcam and Vico-Power PLUS from Taiwan as one of the authorized dealer for the market in Philippines. Now we can say you will have all three.

Why Dash Cams?

We established Dash Cam PH with the primary goal of providing in-car video cameras in order to increase overall driver awareness and road safety in this country. We believe an informed driver is a safer driver. I've definitely noticed myself driving more defensively when using a dash cam in my own vehicle (and now I never drive without one). By viewing the dashcam footage from other drivers, and using your own dash cam, you can understand and avoid certain risks which you may not have been aware of before. And of course, should you be involved in an accident, your dash cam will provide evidence of the truth for you should proof become necessary.

Why Us 

We proudly can say you will have all three. Customer satisfaction, the best equipment at the most affordable prices possible and the best service. Dash Cam PH cares about you. It matters to us that you have the best equipment, service and feel safe while on the road with our dash cams; but more importantly, we value your experience with us.