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Find yourself wondering, what is a dash cam. Basically all website (includes ours) giving you different way to understand what is dash cam and the result are same. Dash cams are cameras equipped to the front and sometimes rear of your vehicle, with the ability to record video continuously.

Sales of "dash-cams" in cars are soaring as owners record evidence of clashes and crashes with cyclists and other road users. Cycle helmet cameras have been popular for years, but only now are drivers getting their own gadgets as retailers stock up to meet demand and the RAC prepares to launch its own dashboard camera.

Dashboard cameras are also known as dash cams, dashcams, car cameras, car DVRs, or even accident recorders (although they do record a lot more than just accidents). They are becoming ever more popular, and there is a huge variety of devices on the market already, mostly from small or little-known manufacturers. When it comes to legality, this depends on the country and community where you live, so we cannot give any binding legal advice here.

In Philippines, there are some action been taken to encourage road user to install dash cam. There are encouragement, Congressional Bill and even petitions like the following links:-

In Year 2015

1.         MMDA has plans to offer subsidized Dashboard Cameras in 2015 ( click here )

2.        Bill mandating installation of 'dash cam' in PUVs pushed (click here)

In Year 2016

1.         Make dash cams mandatory in all vehicles in the Philippines (click here)

In Year 2017

1. Republic Act 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA). (click here)

2. House Bill No. 6265, or the "Dashboard Camera Act of 2017," (click here)

Most people buy a dashboard camera for security reasons. Protect our love ones and ourselves from fraud, harassment from unruly authority and road rage while on the road. When off the road, protect our car from hit and run plus might help others (click here to see how). Soon we hope Insurance Companies in Philippines will adapt or provide dash cam user will have lower insurance premium and the Philippines will do the same by giving personal income tax deduction for owning a dash cam.

Rightly so, because having a dash cam running when you get involved in an accident or suffer a hit-and-run will give you an invaluable advantage in case you ever need to prove your case in court. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video of the unbelievably stupid things you see on the road is priceless.

Refer to video below why we need a dash cam.






But dashboard cameras also have another quality that is often overlooked: They’re fun!

Think of your next weekend or holiday trip, that scenic route along the island shore or over the mountain pass, rare wildlife along the road, or that celebrity crossing the street right in front of you… The possibilities are endless!

With a dash cam, you will be able to keep reminders of those magical moments, edit them to make a holiday video, and share them with your friends and family.

So the main reasons why you want to have a dashboard camera in your car are:

  • Prove your case in the unfortunate event of an accident
  • Report bad drivers / road rage
  • Protection for your parked vehicle
  • Protection from insurance fraud
  • Record your route and driving speed
  • Monitor your employees and vehicle fleet
  • Record holiday and weekend trips
  • Capture scenic routes
  • Share fun or unlikely events with your family, friends, or the world.

Difficult to choose a Dash Cam? Wanted a decent reliable and features loaded dash cam or only a reliable dash cam but hard to choose due to too many preferences and budget constraints.

Here is our thoughts why you may consider BlackVue Dash Cam as an investment that may save you some monies in long run and provide necessary evidence during any insurance claims. Have to be truth, Dash Cam footages goes both way. Cheers…..

We, Dash Cam Philippines started from a Dash Cam enthusiast to become the General Distributor of BlackVue Dash Cam in Philippines. This is because we are one of the user. 

While we understand that everyone is recommending other competitor products, we would like you to still consider the BlackVue model. There are many dash cams on the market and yes, some have great video, some not so great, and some line up in the middle.

We do find that the BlackVue video quality performs well overall, when considered in proportion to the recording times you get as well. If recording times are important to you, the BlackVue uses high compression and you do get a decent amount of recording time. We also want to assure you that we are here to help, and pride ourselves in offering the very best customer support possible.

The BlackVue cameras also have the highest rated smart-phone applications and viewer, as well as the ability to use the BlackVue Cloud service. If you require remote viewing & access to your dash cam this feature would be useful to you. Whichever decision you make, we wish you the best with your dash cam experience. The quality can at times be more than capable of capturing number plates, but it does depend a lot on the lighting, distance, color of the plate etc.

On top of those, with the Cloud Service able to monitor whereabouts our car when someone or your kids are using it and be our first line of defense when there is a hit and run while you are away from your car parked somewhere in a carpark or at the road side. 

Appearance of BlackVue Cameras in the Philippines

We confirmed all BlackVue Dash Cams that without screen comply with the Republic Act 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA).

Reasons on Why You Choose BlackVue Dash Cameras

When it comes to Dash Cam and in the Philippines, BlackVue is one you may consider. There are many reasons on why you need a dash camera on your car. BlackVue – Simplicity, Connectivity, and Reliability is your Reliable Eyewitness either you are in or out of your vehicle. This is the best investment for added security and protection for you and your car. Dash Cameras are not ordinary video recorder or action cameras. Therefore, the selection is considerably important. BlackVue good quality video, built-in WiFi, Over Cloud that able to view and track live, play back and backup videos remotely, upload video for Facebook live streaming site, receive notification and have backup videos. Not require removing memory cards unless you need to backup the whole record folder. With built in GPS for GPS data logging as well. These camera units, along with the video, will provide a record of your position and speed at all times. This information, again, proves the facts such as your whereabouts at a particular time, and can also be used to prove (or perhaps more importantly: disprove) your speed. This GPS data can be overlaid on a Google-type map during video playback on your home computer.

Let us help you to select the dashcam that you require. Click to the Logo below, check it out and let us know which model you prefer. Contact us if you require more information and we are there to assist you.