Yet another superb products of BlackVue. This single channel dashcam, like its predecessor - the DR600GW-HD (discontinued) – is well-crafted and equally well-engineered. Encased in a matte black body, the discreet and compact DR650GW-1CH perfectly blends in its environment; keeping it away from prying eyes and from being a distraction for the driver. 

The D650S-1CH is one of the more stealthy dashcams on the market, ideal for those who desire privacy in their approach to keeping safe from other drivers or individuals encountered on the roads today. The well-designed ergonomic body allows the lens to rotate 360 degrees in the stationary windshield mount, enabling you to position the dashcam per your desires.

The primary difference between this model and the previous DR600GW-HD is the new 2.4MP Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor (vs 2.0MP on the DR600). The 1080p videos and images captured by the Sony image sensor are crisp and detailed, and the video is compressed in .MP4 format for easy uploads. The 129° wide angle lens (103° horizontal, 77° vertical) captures all the necessary details painlessly.

The DR650S-1CH gives us the ability to utilize a Class 10 microSD memory card up to 128GB; and you can perform "One Touch" formatting of the microSD card by simply pressing and holding the WiFi on/off button for more than 10 seconds, period! No need to use a computer to clear out the protected event recordings which may build up over time, just press and go.

Without touch screen may put some people off, but the DR650S-1CH offers timely voice alerts for the driver (which you can disable individually once you get used to the operation of the dash cam). Also, all the necessary status information is relayed to the driver with the help of simple LED notification lights on the side and back of the DR650S-1CH. If that wasn’t all, you can download BlackVue’s official app for your iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1+ based gadgets to view or change configuration settings, stream live from the dashcam, and download the videos effortlessly! Once you've copied a video to your device, the BlackVue app even allows for direct upload to YouTube, for near-instant sharing of that important event captured on video.

The DR650S-1CH is constantly monitoring your surroundings; just plug the DR650S-1CH into the cigarette lighter power and it will record for you seamlessly. DR650’s parking mode works equally well: the dashcam is smart enough to only start recording when the built-in G-sensors detect any random activity (a gentle bump to the vehicle for example), or if motion is detected in front of the lens (someone prowling around the car), therefore preventing you from having to sort through a memory card full of unnecessary recordings.

For parking mode, you either need to plug the DR650S-1CH into a cigarette lighter power outlet that is on all the time (even when the car is turned off), or you can opt for the Power Magic Pro or Blackbox UPS which is an additional accessory that quickly integrates with your car's fuse box for Power Magic Pro or Cigarette Lighter Port for Blackbox UPS and will supply constant power to the DR650S-1CH  (while also ensuring your car battery does not drop too low). Get the BlackVue DR650S-1CH and Power Magic Pro or Blackbox UPS combo for ultimate protection and peace of mind!

The DR650S-1CH manages to make the complete package even spicier by adding GPS position and speed-logging. This will allow you to accurately track the location and velocity of your vehicle without any effort.

What we like about the DR650S-1CH

  • Compact and discreet, just the way a dash cam should be.
  • Built-in local WiFi hotspot! Download the free app for your iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1+ based gadgets and get configuration options, live feed, and video download capability right on your device!
  • Sturdy and dependable built-quality
  • GPS position and speed logging acts as an added precautionary measure.
  • Beautiful HD video from Sony Exmor video sensor, and clear audio recording.
  • User-friendly and hassle-free controls make the DR650S-1CH easy to use.
  • No lithium battery to overheat and cause problems, BlackVue dashcams use temperature-tolerant capacitors.

Our verdict and we hope is yours too

The BlackVue DR650S-1CH is a fitting upgrade to the trusty DR600, and it works undeniably well as a reliable dash cam. The DR650S-1CH offers everything you need in a dash cam, and more. If compact form factor and advanced technology is what you want, then look no further. The DR650S-1CH is made just for you.

If you have second opinion and looking for something exactly same series, but with a second cam? We've got you covered. Check out the BlackVue DR650S-2CH which features a separate 720p HD rear/remote camera.