If you have second opinion and looking for something exactly same series DR650S-1CH, but with a second cam. This is the one. The DR650S-2CH offers the same features as the DR650S-1CH, but with the addition of a separate rear camera that records what is going on behind your car (or any other perspective) as well. The dual-lens GPS and WiFi-enabled DR650S-2CH is a next generation dashcam that builds on the success of the phenomenal DR550GW-2CH. Offering 1080p full HD video and the ability to interface with your dashcam via WiFi, the DR650S-2CH is one incredible piece of engineering. Check out the feature below and see the main upgrades to the new DR650S-2CH are (compared to the DR550GW-2CH):

  • 2.4MP Sony Exmor video sensor (vs 2.0MP)
  • Increased low-light performance
  • More discrete color scheme (now all black)
  • Improved WiFi performance
  • Supports 128GB memory cards

The DR650S-2CH premium design and functionality is second to none. Aesthetically, this dashcam is right at home in any high-end sports car or SUV and any cars disregard new or old. Of course, the DR650S-2CH performs like a true champion as well. Full HD video, built-in high performance GPS receiver and WiFi capabilities... this dashcam is truly king of the ‘middle earth”.

The DR650S includes a smaller rear cam that can be mounted in your rear windshield for ultimate recording of your surroundings. Of course, you may also face this “rear cam” inside the vehicle to record the occupants as well. The choice is yours.

Download the BlackVue app for your Apple, Android, or Windows device (phone/tablet) and watch video wirelessly or transfer video files from your DR650S-2CH. This model also comes with software for your Windows or Mac to play back video and GPS position information as well.

Still want the touch screen?

Not only can you view live video from the DR650S-2CH on your phone, this dashcam also provides voice announcements/alerts. When you press a button, switch a mode, etc, the DR650S-2CH gives an audible voice confirmation (such as "Starting normal recording" or "WiFi On!").

The DR650S-2CH offers 2 recording modes: normal mode (always recording, as you drive around), and parking mode (recording while the car is parked and the engine is turned off). The DR650S-2CH is smart enough to detect when it is stationary and will automatically enter parking mode, where the DR650S-2CH cameras are monitoring constantly, but the only time videos are actually recorded to the memory card is if there is an impact or bump to the vehicle (detected via the built-in G-sensor), or if the motion-detection has been activated (recording based on movement in front of the camera lens).

For parking mode, you either need to plug the DR650GW-2CH into a cigarette lighter power outlet that is on all the time (even when the car is turned off), or you can opt for the Power Magic Pro or Blackbox UPS which is an additional accessory that quickly integrates with your car's fuse box for Power Magic Pro or Cigarette Lighter Port for Blackbox UPS and will supply constant power to the DR650S-2CH (while also ensuring your car battery does not drop too low). Get the BlackVue DR650S-2CH and Power Magic Pro or Blackbox UPS combo for ultimate protection and peace of mind!

What we like about the DR650S-2CH

  • It’s got WiFi! Use the app for your iPhone, Android, or Windows 8 device to remotely see what's going on near your vehicle, or transfer video files.
  • Second camera! Install it in your back windshield, or point it inside your vehicle at any angle. Configuration options are plentiful.
  • Top notch design. The quality of this unit is obvious!
  • 360 degree rotatable lens. Record any direction at any time.
  • Small form factor. Discrete dashcam recording.
  • GPS position and speed logging.
  • Beautiful HD video from Sony Exmor video sensor, and clear audio recording.
  • Voice announcements. Know what your dash cam is doing without looking at it!

Our verdict and we hope is yours too.

BlackVue is constantly pushing the limits of what a dashcam can do. The DR650S-2CH that builds on the success of the remarkable DR550GW-2CH shows us the dedication of BlackVue in dash cam industry. This is one of the most advanced and comprehensive dashcam we offer. For the dashcam enthusiast desiring the best of the best and then some, this is the model for you!

If you have second opinion and looking for something exactly like this model, but with a screen? We've got you covered! Check out the awesome new BlackVue DR490LW-2CH which features a 3.5" touchscreen, nice!