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Starting April 2016, Dash Cam PH are proudly working together with VicoVation, the maker of VicoVation dashcam and Vico-Power PLUS from Taiwan for the market in Philippines as the dealer of Marcus4, Opia2, MF2 GPS, and Vico-Power PLUS

VicoVation is the combination of Vico (Vision, Integration, Creativity, Observation) and Innovation. VicoVation was founded in 2010 by a group of CCTV surveillance system professionals who values the most on recording quality and the product quality. VicoVation’s team is dedicated to image and function adjustments so they can bring the best Dashcam products to the customers

The newly launched models come with the latest technology including Ultra High Dynamic Range (U-HDR), Lane Departure Warning System(LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System(FCWS), Current Speed & GPS Location Overlay, GPS Tracking, and many other more advanced driving safety assistance functions.


Check out our product page and let us know which model suits your needs.