Your Smart Car-Battery Power Management Device!

Designed to protect your Dash Cam and support the use of Smart Parking mode with Marcus 2, Marcus 4, Marcus 5 and other dash cam brands having parking mode feature. 

Vico-Power Plus: Your Smart Car-Battery Power Management Device!

Power Plus is a power safety device which connects to car battery to work with Dash Cam/Black Box, continuously providing power after engine-off while parking. Together working with Vico Smart Parking Mode function, your Dash Cam can have motion-detection recording after you left your car, for having full protection of your car. Power Plus will auto-detect your battery status to cut-off power supply to prevent car battery from being drained out.

Power Plus provides multiple protection to have better safety coverage, including:

1. Low Voltage protection 
2. Over Temperature protection 
3. Timer protection 
4. Over Current/Surge protection


Vico-Power Plus Specification